The Dark Side of Famous NBA Stars: It’s Not Always As It Seems


We often forget that athletes are humans just like us, and this due to how most of them are portrayed by the general media, clean-cut, well-spoken, fashion icons, and all-round great people that have their charitable organizations and work towards the greater good.However, sometimes even the best of us stray off the well-lit path and find ourselves in a dark space, but for these NBA superstars, their mishaps were out there for the world to see.In this segment, we’ll be taking a look at a few basketball players who made some bad decisions.Even the greatest of all time had his demons, and Michael Jordan was no stranger to spending a lot of Gambling money. Jordan was a regular at casinos in Atlantic City, New Jersey, but his favorite thing to do was make big money bets on the golf course, with one of his friends making $1 million off him.

Another NBA great, and one of the most loveable personalities to play the game, Charles Barkley admitted live on ESPN that he spent and lost a total of $10 million at casinos. However, he didn’t stop there; Barkley was also taken to court due to failure to honor his markers for a bet worth $400,000.
Yes, that’s his name, the former Chicago Bulls small forward was known to be mentally unstable and at one point in his career found himself in the limelight of the NBA for all the wrong reasons. Peace would often drink during half time and he’s mostly known for his main role in an infamous event dubbed “Malice in the Palace”, where he assaulted a fan after being thrown with a beer cup.

One of the most famous point guards to never reach G.O.A.T status, Allen Iverson’s controversy took place before his NBA career where he was involved in a mass brawl in a bowling alley. Iverson was a key part of the brawl due to him tossing chairs into the crowd, resulting in 15 people being seriously injured.

Iverson was pardoned by the governor, which suspended his 15-year prison sentence; however, it took him four months to compile a list of infractions which include public urination, possession of marijuana, assault, concealed weapons charges, and a range of night club fights.

Dennis Rodman made a name for himself during his time with the Detroit Pistons in the 80s and early 90s, he’s described as a player that thrived when allowed to harass his opponents and unfortunately, Rodman was a worse person off the court. Rodman battled with alcohol issues and was arrested for many DUIs; he’s also been accused of domestic violence and was the spokesperson of controversy wherever he went.

To make matters worse, Rodman struck up a friendship with North Korean Supreme Leader, Kim Jung-Un, and to put the cherry on top, he had a birthday basketball game for him.

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