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The mission of Celebrating Special Children, Inc. is to provide the necessary information to ensure that individuals with disabilities realize their fullest potential of development, independence and quality of life.

The premiere, comprehensive, and trusted resource of existing and potential information related to persons with disabilities in all corners of the Commonwealth. We envision a one stop resource available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through a variety of communications. We will make available, at no charge, our information and resources to the community because we will be financially solvent through a variety of income sources. We will be a role model to other states.

1. Worth of Every Individual
We value the individual's and/or family's ability to make life choices.

2. Knowledge is Power
We value the dissemination of reliable information to empower family members to be knowledgeable and effective advocates.

3. Importance of Community Resources
We value the comprehensive inventory or services available in the Commonwealth.

4. All Modes of Dissemination of Information
We value that all information will be accessible to all users.

About Us
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